Sunday, 10 May 2009


Okay, so after seeing JJ Abrahm's work on Star Trek, I took a look at Fringe, which is pretty interesting, and I like alot of the characters. However it does feel a bit XFiles remake, and I some of the plot threads seemed a little thin, e.g. [spoiler alert] the older scientist saying that he invented a time machine to go back in time to find another scientist who had invented a cure for a disease his son had. I mean I have no problem with time machines in stories, but the idea that it would be easier to construct a time machine that to actually find a cure for a particular disease seems preposterous to me. I mean maybe if you have spent your life as a theoretical physicist and have no medical training, but even then, just to start down that path of trying to build a time machine to try and get round the problem of curing a disease.

Well, anyhow, I guess that is all debatable, but then at the end of another episode [spoiler alert] when a key witness asks to be moved and protected to avoid being killed, but then ends up being killed in apparently the same hospital bed just seems a kind of ridiculous. I mean I guess that's incompetence on the part of the homeland security officials the show is about, but it was just something that broke the suspension of disbelief that I think is critical to enjoy shows like these. I've talked about this before in my technical blog, and it is definitely something on my mind at the moment. Legend of the Seeker has certainly broken my suspension of disbelief recently, but that is a story for another blog post.

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