Sunday, 10 May 2009

Yes Man

So I had put off watching this because I kind of felt like, well I have seen lots of Jim Carrey films, and although I thought them hysterically funny when I was in my 20s, it was a bit like, well been there, done that. However a week or so later when my wife said she'd be interested to see it, I grabbed it as movies we are both prepared to watch are relatively few and far between.

And I really enjoyed it. Carrey is starting to look a little older, which is kind of oddly noticeable given the younger actors and actresses he is appearing with, but he is still damned funny. Also, I really liked the premise of the movie about forcing yourself to try out lots of new things. Of course my wife and I both agreed that this becomes much more challenging when you have children, especially babies around. I gave us a positive spin on that by saying that she and I had done our new things in our twenties such as travelling to new countries, learning languages and marrying each other, so it wasn't like we are stuck somewhere watching DVDs every night - we watch about one a week, and now with three kids there is not a lot of space for radically new things.

That said I think I am gasping for new stuff. Or just anything to distract me from the grind of washing, feeding and caring for 3 boys under 5. We're blessed, but it is a grind. Anyhow, Yes Man was fun, and at heart quite a touching love story with lots of laughs, perfect for my wife and I once the kids had gone to bed :-)

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